'Marlene' 1930's Style Heavy Silk Halter-Neck Gown, Made To Order
'Marlene' 1930's Style Heavy Silk Halter-Neck Gown, Made To Order

'Marlene' 1930's Style Heavy Silk Halter-Neck Gown, Made To Order

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This beautiful gown is made-to measure in heavy weight crepe back satin and lined in a lighter silk satin. We have used the crepe side of the silk (possible to have entirely in satin) to produce a more matt looking gown, with a contrast satin sharp edged to the halter-neck.
Based on a original 1930s bias cut dress, that had a silver lame trim to the neck, this dress epitomises Hollywood glamour and flatters the figure beautifully.
Perfect for the diva in you... Suitable for a high summer or a winter wedding. Just stunning.


Each Made To Order wedding dress is lovingly handmade in Brighton, England and available in a range of fabrics and colours. The price includes all fittings and adjustments, everything you need to feel sensational when you wear it down the aisle. We ask to allow a minimum of 5-6 months for the making of the dress. The Made To Order gowns are only available to purchase in store so that we can make sure the fitting is perfect. To order your Made to Order H&H Bridal gown, please email, call or use the 'Questions & Appointments' box below to make an appointment or organise a fitting in our lovely Bridal Suite.
Phone 01273 675222 
email bridal@hopeandharlequin.com
Sizing Information: 
We try to measure as accurately as possible. Measurements are the fabric when laying flat. Keep in mind you will need to account for comfort in your measurements. The vintage old sizes are not the same as modern sizing. When measuring for fit, please follow these instructions to ensure your measurements will work. We measure items in their unstretched state (if it stretches) unless description says otherwise. We measure exactly not approximately, so keep that in mind when measuring yourself.

Scroll down below for a chart showing UK and US size equivalents. The chart is approximate, not exact. Different designers have different sizes. The best way to go is to compare the measurements of a similar item you already have to the one you see on our site.
Please keep in mind our measurements are the item's size not yours. If the waist size says 26" you will need to be a little smaller to fit. How much depends on you and your idea of comfort. We usually take measurements while the item is lying flat. This is the way we measure:

Tops, Coats, and Shirts:
1. Arm length is measured from shoulder seam to wrist hem. 
2. Bust/chest measured from underarm, across the chest to the other underarm, the measurement is doubled. 
3. Length is measured from shoulder to hem, or straight down the back not including collar. 
4. Waist is measured across where a normal waist would fall and then doubled. 
5. Back is measured from shoulder seam across to other shoulder seam (see diagram below).

Skirts and Dresses: 
1. Dress length is measured from shoulder to hem. 
2. Bust/chest measured from underarm, across the chest to the other underarm, the measurement is doubled. 
3. Waist is measured across where an average waist falls, then doubled. 
4. Skirt length is measured from waistband to hem. 
5. Hips are measured across where an average hip falls, then doubled.
Vintage care

Your vintage item has survived for years already. We would like it to continue to thrive, but to do that it sometimes needs some time and love lavishing on it to equip it for the next phase of its journey.

  • Keep your vintage clothes in a dry, dust-free place away from direct sunlight. Humidity or damp will damage delicate fibres, and sunlight can fade vintage prints and colours.
  • Hang your vintage clothes on good, shaped hangers. Delicate fabrics should always be on padded fabric hangers; they'll tear through the shoulder fabric otherwise. Heavy beaded dresses and anything exceedingly delicate should be stored flat in a breathable container or wrapped in acid-free tissue paper (normal tissue can bleed into the garment if wrapped for years).
    • Always hand wash pre1960s vintage, rather than machine washing and drying it. If you are really concerned because the fabric is very old or delicate, consider not washing it at all : a good airing can often work just as well for removing odour without damaging the garment. 
    • To keep your precious clothes in good condition, wash them less. Repeated, vigorous washing can damage the fibres of vintage clothes (and new clothes too). Washing (machine washable) clothes at 30 instead of 60 degrees will also prolong their life and is much more eco friendly too.
    • Never wash embroidered silks or satins. Always dry clean or simply air.
  • If you want to dry clean special vintage items use a reputable dry cleaner that you can build up a relationship with, or take advice from the store that you have purchased your piece from. It's good to use someone that you trust to know what's best for your clothes and will take as much care of them as you would.
And finally..
    • "A stitch in time saves nine," as they say... It is, annoyingly, true!
Reviews of Vintage wedding dresses from Hope and Harlequin

"Thank you so so so much for all your help and support in finding and tailoring my wedding dress! I felt so beautiful on the day, and genuinely as though this dress was made for me to wear it - I cant even say how grateful I am to Louise and Martha for your help in her and I finding each other, and then in making her entirely my own. From the moment I stepped into H & H for my first appoinemtn I felt truly cared for and supported, with every member of the team continuing to make me feel this way though the process - you are all so wonderful!" Mariamah

"I loved the dress and head-piece so much and got so many compliments as did my Mum who also got her dress and hat from you! Thankyou so much for the beautiful dress and personal service." Thea Skelton

"i couldn't have hoped for a better dress. It was perfect and made me feel very special" Tessa Mansfield

"Thank you again for the dress and cooperation with all the changes. We had an absolutely fantastic day and received many compliments on the dress and asking where it was from! " Galilee Roper

"thank you so much. Im absolutely in love with it. I had such a lovely time
 choosing it as well, Julie was really lovely and helpful. Your shop is always such a pleasure to be in." Nicolette Rowse

"Thank you so much for all your time, effort and care put into making my dress. And thank you for being so gorgeous and welcoming to all four Pott women coming to every single fitting. You made it the most delightful experience." - Becky Pott

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you did to make my wedding dress so special. Everyone loved it and I felt amazing. It was truly incredible. I had the best experience with Hope & Harlequin; you went above and beyond to accommodate me, my mum and my sisters, and I always felt looked after and loved coming in to see you all.I have been recommending you far and wide!" -
Sophie Brickley

"Thanks so much for being so patient and kind with me as I chose my dress and through all my fittings. My dress was much admired on the day, and quite right too!"
- Holly

"Thank you so much for making such a beautiful wedding dress! From the first day coming in and trying on all the different styles, to taking my dress home, you guys were amazing; an experience I will never forget, and in my dress and veil on the day, I felt supa dupa fly! It was really special and really nice to meet you all." -

"Thank you for all your time and help with my beautiful wedding dress - I loved wearing it so much!!! It really made me feel special and super happy - so many people loved it too." -

"Thank you so much for all the fun memories and for your patience. It's been really special for me to experience getting my dress made by such talented girls / designers. Thank you again." - Christina Foley

"Thank you so much for helping me find my amazing dress and making it fit perfectly for my big day!" - Cat Kempson

"I had such a lovely day today looking at your beautiful dresses. Massive thanks for your time, knowledge and kindness."
- Jade

"Thank you so much for all your help with the fashion show - the girls looked amazing in your dresses, and we managed to raise around £2,500 for our charities!" -
Helena and Georgia from Brighton & Hove High School GDST

"The BIGGEST thank you for making me the most beautiful, elegant and amazing dress. Throughout the wedding I was showered with compliments. It was so flattering too; so many friends uploaded photos and there isn't a single bad one!"
- Anna Searight

Vintage wedding dresses made to measure
"I have to say the dress was a dream to wear! I was So comfortable and literally so many friends said it was one of the most beautiful dresses they had seen! I felt incredible in it so I cannot say thank you enough to you both. I only wish I could wear her again!! It was an amazing day." -
Donna Fawcett

Just wanted to share some photos with you of the Butterfly dress in action from our wedding in Brecon this weekend. She was perfect. Everything was perfect... just wanted to thank you again for putting together the piece de resistance of the day. You guys are amazing." -
Sarah Wathen

"Thank you for helping me find and wear the perfect wedding dress. I was so pleased with it, and love the fact it has a past life with lots of secrets and adventures!"
- Ruth Atkinson-Wilks

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you did with my wedding dress!" - Nico Sweeney

"Thank you so much for my perfect wedding dress - and for all your help along the way. I couldn't have been happier with it." - Alice

"Thank you for your kindness regarding my beautiful, wonderful, delicious, sexy jacket - I totally understand where you were coming from and I totally appreciate what you did for me." - Fola

"Thank you so much for all being so wonderful in the lead up to our wedding. I absolutely love my dress and felt truly special wearing it on the day! You were all so wonderful with all the brilliant advice you gave me and made the whole experience a fantastic memory. Thanks again, I'll never forget your kindness to me." - Becky

"Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and attention to detail. My dress is simply beautiful and you have made me feel very special." - Jane Allworthy

"Thank you so much for looking after me and enabling me to feel special on my 40th. She is such a beautiful dress and I can't wait to wear her again. I must confess, though - my 'Mad Men' dress is my fave! Fabulous service and great needlework!" - Paula

Made to order vintage style wedding gowns
"Thank you so much for your help and advice whilst choosing my wedding outfit. I was beyond thrilled with the finished look and the sun shone the whole day." - Gillian Bloor

"Oooh, I do so LOVE the suede Jean Muir dress! 60s meets Maid Marian! Merci, Merci...!" - J. Rossen

"Thank you so very much for all your support and generosity. We had a truly amazing day!" - Rosa

"Thank you so much for making my shopping experience so wonderful. You were so helpful and such fun, it was a real pleasure and worth every penny spent at the shop." - Pam

"Thanks for such a lovely, lovely dress. It was gorgeous to wear :)" - Felicity & Jo

"Never has a wedding dress been so in its element, so universally admired and so well fitted to a bride! It was as if the dress was made for the grassy aisle of Rievaulx Abbey, where the sheep flocked around and swallows circled overhead in the great outdoors where we wed. Thank you so much for all your hard work, for making our fittings such a pleasure and for the image of you as little birds sewing Cinderella's gown, which I shall carry with me." - Anna

"To all at Hope & Harlequin, Thank you for being fantastic and making me feel so valued and special!" - Elena

"Well, it finally happened... After two years, Pat and I finally got hitched at Orleans House Gallery yesterday! The button back was a dream to wear - and everybody adored it. Sarah, you did such a fantastic job. Thanks for being so patient, supportive and generally lovely. I recommend you to anyone who is looking to find a vintage classic!" - Kat

"Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful dress for my wedding. We had the most wonderful day: the sun shone and I felt so happy and relaxed in my Deco stunner! Sarah, your needlework is exquisite." - Gabby

"I wanted to write and say thank you from every bit, nook and cranny of my heart for helping me find and feel perfect in a wedding dress. It received countle" - Lauren

"I am still grinning from ear to ear post dress pick up! Want to wear her everyday - can't thank you all enough, I am so pleased with my made-to-order 'Ophelia'." - Laura

"Service with a smile and unique clothes." - Iain

"Beautiful dresses, unusual pieces, but above all, they care about what they do." - Kat

"Beautiful vintage wedding dresses and lovely, friendly staff." - Jess